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Introduction to quickstart-linux-utilities

Learn how to automate the installation of cfn-init helper scripts across operating systems by invoking quickstart-linux-utilities at stack launch.Read more

Building a CI/CD pipeline for Hugo websites

Learn how to use a code pipeline to automate the static file generation and content publishing process of a Hugo website.Read more

Automate Ansible playbook deployment with Amazon EC2 and GitHub

Learn how to automate Ansible playbook deployment with Amazon EC2 and GitHub either by using an AWS CloudFormation template or by following a step-by-step setup.Read more

8 best practices when automating your deployments with AWS CloudFormation

Learn how to save time, effort, and frustration when automating your workload deployments using AWS CloudFormation.Read more

Using AWS CloudFormation to deploy software into Amazon EKS clusters

Learn how you can use AWS CloudFormation to model and deploy Kubernetes resource manifests or Helm charts into an Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) cluster.Read more

Best practices for deploying EC2 instances with AWS CloudFormation

Best practices for addressing security and access control and configuration when bootstrapping EC2 instances in the Amazon Web Services Cloud.Read more

Speed up instance bootstrapping by using dynamically created images

Learn how to build an AMI from an Amazon EC2 instance at CloudFormation launch time, and then use the AMI for fast bootstrapping of the Auto Scaling group instances.Read more

Logging Windows Amazon EC2 UserData activity in Amazon CloudWatch

Track what is happening with your Amazon EC2 instance at creation time by leveraging CloudWatch to externalize log data. Use AWS Secrets Manager for credential security with PowerShell scripts, and create...

Automating ISV product packaging and deployment in AWS Landing Zone

Learn about the design and implementation details of a solution that automates add-on product preparation and deployment for AWS Landing Zone-based environments, and how you can use the solution to make...

Recap: Five ways custom resources help your automated deployments

In this quick recap, I feature five blog posts that show how you can use custom resources to extend AWS CloudFormation templates, from start to stack cleanup, when you're building automated...
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Importance of Software Testing Life Cycle

Software testing is not a single activity but a series of planned tasks that need to be executed along with the software development activities...