How INESC TEC tests and deploys ROS applications with AWS RoboMaker

The Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology, and Science (INESC TEC) is a research and development institute headquartered at the University of Porto in Portugal. In this blog, we discuss...

Guide To AWS Robotics at re:Invent 2020

Join AWS Robotics experts and innovative robotics companies at re:Invent this year to learn how to advance and speed up efforts to build robotics applications. Read more

Clearpath enables robotics prototyping with one-click simulations using AWS

AWS helps Clearpath Robotics make it easier for their customers like Boston Dynamics to prototype robotics applications in simulation. With the AWS CloudFormation Launch Stack, Clearpath's customers can launch Gazebo simulations...

Escape from the maze by training a Reinforcement Learning model on AWS RoboMaker

In this blog, we walk you through the steps required to train a machine learning model using RL on AWS RoboMaker. Specifically, we familiarize you with the development environment, then define...

Introducing upload configurations for AWS RoboMaker Simulation

Introduction AWS RoboMaker now supports data upload configurations within simulation jobs. This capability allows developers to define the type of simulation data they want to upload, choose the upload behavior, and...

Improving control of diagnostic tools in simulations with AWS RoboMaker tool configuration

AWS RoboMaker released a tool configuration feature that allows customers to improve control of diagnostic tools with their simulations. This new level of control allows users to configure which default tools...
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Puppet Enterprise adds Arm support and security updates

Puppet Enterprise adds support for Arm CPUs and macOS High Sierra in new releases. Read more