Bridgement Removes Financial Barriers for Small Businesses Through Smart Data Use

Cash flow problems are among the most common that small and midsize businesses deal with. Regardless of industry or location, guaranteed access to funding is a primary concern. And according to...

Datacoral CEO Raghotham Murthy on Transitioning from Lead Engineer to Founder

Datacoral CEO & Founder Raghotham Murthy talks about how he transitioned from being a lead engineer to a founder and how AWS helps his company's approach to data analysis.Read more

Capital Float, Clevertap and Moonfrog Labs to Speak at Startup Central Mumbai

On Wednesday, May 15th, Startup Central—with speakers from Capital Float, Clevertap and Moonfrog labs, and more—will be on showcase for all attendees of AWS Summit: Mumbai.Read more

AWS is headed to Toronto. Join us at Collision 2019.

Not only will we be eating poutine and exploring the streets of Night Summit, but AWS will be hosting Mentor Hours, where we’ll be connecting hundreds of startups to top speakers,...

Maximizing Yields: NRGene’s Modern Approach to Agricultural Production

Data-driven analytics and machine learning are go-to resources for a wide spectrum of modern industries, from mobility solutions to financial management. Everyone’s looking for the perfect symbiosis of information and output—but...

Empathy, Haikus, and Reinventing How We Live with Menlo Ventures’ Shawn Carolan

Shawn Carolan, Partner at Menlo Ventures Just call Shawn Carolan Menlo Ventures’ “mobility man.” Not only did the general partner champion the venture capital firm’s investments in Jump Bikes and electric...

Simplaex CTO Moti Tal on Building Trust Between Advertisers and Publishers

Simplaex uses AI and machine learning to power Rivr, which provides full transparency on where and when ads are being served so that advertisers and publishers know the right customers are...

Solve Education! CEO Janine Teo on Her Company’s Start

Janine Teo, CEO of Solve Education!, talks to us about what inspired her startup, how they use technology, who their customers are, and their roadmap for 2019.Read more

Israeli Startup Optibus Uses Tech to Cure Public Transit Woes

“Public transit is not reliable enough,” says Eitan Yanovsky, CTO of Optibus, an Israeli software startup. “People are suffering from delays and a lot of these are happening because of improper...

Harnessing the Power of Payments on the Blockchain

As blockchain steadily advances and reaches mainstream acceptance, what can startups do to prepare for this financial revolution?Read more
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Sysadmin Day 2017: Wait, are we still sysadmins?

We asked our IT staff at Puppet to tell us how they think the role of the sysadmin is changing. Here’s what they said. Read...