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Web Develpoement at Facebook

Boosting the performance of virtual machines with Jump-Start

What the research is: Jump-Start is a new approach for improving the performance of virtual machines at scale. Virtual machines are a modern and popular design to implement programming languages used...

How Facebook is bringing QUIC to billions

We are replacing the de facto protocol the internet has used for decades with QUIC, the latest and most radical step we’ve taken to optimize our network protocols to create a...

Implementing a secure web-based proxy service for Discover

Our connectivity efforts focus on expanding internet access and adoption around the world. This includes our work on technologies like Terragraph, our collaboration with mobile operators on efforts to expand rural...

Making Facebook.com accessible to as many people as possible

We recently shared the work we did to rebuild our tech stack to support the redesigned Facebook.com. When that project began, we saw an opportunity to integrate greater accessibility into the...

Rebuilding our tech stack for the new Facebook.com

Facebook.com launched in 2004 as a simple, server-rendered PHP website. Over time, we’ve added layer upon layer of new technology to deliver more interactive features. Each of these new features and...
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